Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's done and now we are into the second term of MCU.  I wont lie, it was really hard!  I worked my butt off and stayed up more hours than I should have and burned more brain cells up studying than is healthy, but it was all worth it.  I got my first 4.0 in my life!  Yep you heard it, I got all A's!  I have spent 15 years in school and never before this quarter have I been able to do this.  So I want to celebrate and tell the world I did it!!!!  Now I hope that the information sticks and I am able to use it sometime in the future and not have it all seep out of my skin while I shower tomorrow morning! 

The real hero of this whole thing is Paul!!! With out him I would have failed!  He has been an amazing husband.  He has cooked every meal, tucked in the kids and quieted the troops while I sequestered myself in my room and poured myself into the books!  I am so grateful to have this amazing husband!  He was excited for me and thrilled that I am learning and doing so well also.  I really appreciate his devotion and support. 

This next term is going to be twice as hard as the last!  I have Functional Anatomy and Pathology which are both much harder classes!  The other classes will be work, but not hard.  I love learning!   I hope that I am able to take classes the rest of my life!  I am having a lot of fun, and gaining so much experience and knowledge. 


Lindsey Smith said...

You AMAZE me!!!!! WOW!!! How in the world did you do that? I must say I am very proud of you sista, not many moms of 6 could pull that off. CONGRATS all around!:)

Hess said...
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Hess said...

You ROCK!!!!! I love that you are exploring new roads, It makes me SMILE:)! The Last and only time I got a 4.0 was in High School they gave out Season passes to the Canyon ski resort. We can do anything if we are motivated and area not willing to accept anything less.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

You have always had an "I can do this" attitude. I remember when you were in first grade and the teacher had the students walk a straight line on a 2 x 4 like board, you walked it foreward and then you walked it backwards. "I can do this AND more!" You are tremendously blessed to have such a fantastic husband. There are not a lot of men who would be so supportive that they would not only encourage you emotionally but Paul has done all the physical stuff as well - the REAL essential type of support of taking responsibility with the family, cooking etc. without which it would be impossible. Congratulations PAUL and KAREN - you are champions.