Monday, November 19, 2012

The Consequence of the Re-election of Obama

I believe each of us has been contemplating and considering what the re-election of Obama will mean for our country and I know that for some of you it has been as depressing for you as it has been for me.  After reading and praying about it I have found this piece of advice on the iternet that I think really fits the situation and offers persecive from the Book of Mormon that is really relevant and really helpful.   It seems to put into perspective what has happened and what will happen and what we will need to do to change things.  

We are in this process and will be for at least another four years.  We have a choice about what to do about it.  I am hopeful because although the country needs to repent we will have the choice at the end of this four years to see the results of what has been chosen and choose again.  And even more we each can indivually choose to repent and choose better and humble ourselves more.  The patterns in the book of mormon are such good examples of what repentance and humilty bring and what rebellion brings.  Just the story of Alma and how his people were humble and repented and how quickly they were rescued compared to what happened to Noah's people when they went into captivity.  We are in captivity.  Lets repent!  Here is the quote:

"In the Book of Mormon a people were "destroyed" when they lost control over their government. Their ability to preserve their own values, and choose the way they were governed was taken over by others. Most often it was from a different ethnic group, though not always. In the case of Amalackiah he was ethnically Nephite, but his values were Lamanite.

Once people were "destroyed" they were oppressed and suffered. Often they were oppressed with grievous taxes, and had religious liberties removed. Then they faced a choice: Either repent, in which case they came through the period of oppression with another chance. Or, if they were angry and rebellious, they would then be "swept away."

Being "destroyed" is not at all the same as being "swept away." It is possible for people to have been destroyed and not even realize it. But when swept away they face extinction, and cannot help but notice it."

I believe we will be given another chance to choose freedom.  I hope the country can be educated enough to see where this path will take us.  I plan on praying for the people of the country to have their eyes opened, for the consequences of this choice to be obivious to the whole world and for those who have taken over our government to be weakened so that if the people choose, it will not be too late.  This will take time.  Four years or more maybe.  Being "destroyed" as the Book of Mormon terms it, is not a short term thing.  But the faster the people repent the faster they are able to be saved and rescued by the Lord.  Repentance does not just mean in the thing that we are overtaken by.  Meaning it can't just be about political things.  We must repent about all things in our lives that are out of order.  We must find the places in our lives where we put the things of this world before the things of the Lord and change the priority.  This is where true repentance comes in.  

We all have places to improve and grow.  So what, no share there, that is why we are here; that is life.  If we do it we are blessed and so are all those around us.  If we do not we stop progressing and suffer.  Nothing new here.  I just found this idea hopeful because it does not take everything out of my control as I have felt it has been over the last few weeks.  We will grow or die spiritually.  I intend to grow.  I plan on repenting more and growing.  Either way those who repent will be rescued, one way or another.  This country will have all the opportunities that we are able to take.