Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's done and now we are into the second term of MCU.  I wont lie, it was really hard!  I worked my butt off and stayed up more hours than I should have and burned more brain cells up studying than is healthy, but it was all worth it.  I got my first 4.0 in my life!  Yep you heard it, I got all A's!  I have spent 15 years in school and never before this quarter have I been able to do this.  So I want to celebrate and tell the world I did it!!!!  Now I hope that the information sticks and I am able to use it sometime in the future and not have it all seep out of my skin while I shower tomorrow morning! 

The real hero of this whole thing is Paul!!! With out him I would have failed!  He has been an amazing husband.  He has cooked every meal, tucked in the kids and quieted the troops while I sequestered myself in my room and poured myself into the books!  I am so grateful to have this amazing husband!  He was excited for me and thrilled that I am learning and doing so well also.  I really appreciate his devotion and support. 

This next term is going to be twice as hard as the last!  I have Functional Anatomy and Pathology which are both much harder classes!  The other classes will be work, but not hard.  I love learning!   I hope that I am able to take classes the rest of my life!  I am having a lot of fun, and gaining so much experience and knowledge.