Friday, February 5, 2010

Mid Terms

I had forgotten how hard school can be!  For all of you who just breezed through school, never studying, and getting great grades without the work, I say - "May something else in your life cause you the grief and hard work that I have to put into grades!"   Tests evey week, and studying Anatomy and Physiology is hard!  I must boast just a bit though, because mid-terms are over and I did REALLY well!!! I am pretty pleased because I have to admit I was awfully scared that I would fail those classes when I started.  Nothing like a bit of fear to get my butt in gear and push me to study non-stop for a week!

Well, there is the update.  I get my massage table next week, so if anyone wants me to practice on them and give them a "student massage" give me a call and we will get it going!