Friday, February 5, 2010

Mid Terms

I had forgotten how hard school can be!  For all of you who just breezed through school, never studying, and getting great grades without the work, I say - "May something else in your life cause you the grief and hard work that I have to put into grades!"   Tests evey week, and studying Anatomy and Physiology is hard!  I must boast just a bit though, because mid-terms are over and I did REALLY well!!! I am pretty pleased because I have to admit I was awfully scared that I would fail those classes when I started.  Nothing like a bit of fear to get my butt in gear and push me to study non-stop for a week!

Well, there is the update.  I get my massage table next week, so if anyone wants me to practice on them and give them a "student massage" give me a call and we will get it going!


Lindsey Smith said...

I LOVE that you did so well!!!!!! So proud of you! I think that i must have a message from you, hmmmm, when should i stop by?:)

Chez Prier said...

Lyn, how about a friday sometime, I have them off and don't have any classes. I would love to give you one for practice.

theadventursofsidandlinda said...

I am totally stoked that you are so brilliant. Dad has a sciatic nerve problem that he needs massaged out but he won't go anywhere to get it taken care of but I'm sure you could help him. You always did "hard" very well. I bet you even surprised yourself, you certainly continue to excel beyond expectations. Love mom.