Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Robbery and Other Updates.

The robbery has officially been dealt with and I think we are almost done with it. The police called yesterday and had us come and pick up our stuff that was stolen and so we did. The only things we got back were my computer (which was all I wanted back) and the kids Nintendo DS and some things we didn't know were missing. Funny that I hadn't even missed them. All that is left is the insurance claim.

I am really greatful that we got my computer back, even though I went and bought a new one. My book is on it and I really didn't want to start over (although I had been inspired to make a hard copy of it a few days before the robbery). I know that Heavenly Father was watching out for me and has helped me get it back.

Our neighborhood is a bit freaked out and they are having a meeting tonight about it and they have asked me to speak. I guess I can tell everyone how they can be a great target??? No really I will be telling them what we did wrong and give them an update on what happened and what is going on now. For your information the robbers have been caught and are in jail. They were mostly underage and will be dealt with in the juvenile system. The chief of police will speak after I do.

On a more upbeat note, I was assigned to speak today at the old folks home in our stake and I really enjoyed that. It is like teaching the sunbeams except the spirit is different - the same but different. (There isn't any coloring or activity games.) They are such lovely people and love music. I sang songs with them (yes me, they don't care if you have a beautiful voice and I didn't either) and taught about the Holy Ghost. It is always good to have a good topic to speak on.

Sunday both Paul and I will be speaking in Church and the topic they have assigned us is "Gaining a Knowledge of the Gospel" Paul has been working really hard on his talk and has given it to me three times now. It is really a beautiful talk and I am excited to hear him give it again on Sunday. It is full of insight and is really sweet. I am not sure what mine will be yet. I have so much and nothing to say! I think I'll do more of the nothing and give all the time to Paul.

I have been reading the book "Mine Errand from the Lord" by Pres. Packer and it is such a beautiful book. There are so many insights and amazing lessons in it. It is quickly becoming my favorite book. Of course my favorite book is usually the one I am reading at the time.

He tells a very sweet story about seeing his grandmother after she died that struck a very tender cord with me. I will quote it here for you as I am not the greatest story teller. He said:

"There is no distance in death. The spirit world we know is here around us, but the veil is there, and the curtain is there. On occasions we can see and on more occasions we can feel those who have gone beyond. . .

I saw my mother once. It was a vision or a dream, more real than just a dream. She had died in her seventies, died a very painful, long-suffering death. There are two words that could describe my mother when I saw her: the one is beautiful, and the other is glorious. I wondered why I was priviledged to see her.

Then one day President Spencer W. Kimball in a meeting said that he had seen his father. He described an experience about like I have described to you. He said, "I wondered for a long time why I was blessed with that experience. I finally came to know that it was his way of saying that he approved of me, that he approved of my life and what I was doing."

I had the experience that was described by both President Kimball and Pres. Packer with my Grandfather Reeder. It was very sweet but I did not understand it either. I was able to see him after his death in a dream/vision and the only words to describe him were beautiful and glorious. He did not speak to me and only conveyed the knowledge that he had just been with Brent my brother. The next morning I learned that He had died and I knew that it was him. He was so young and beautiful. I remember being in awe of his beauty and the glory that surrounded him. I was questioned as to why I got the experience and have wondered many times myself.

I suppose I needed this to let me know that I am ok, that I am not off in left field and that if my Grandfather who is in Heaven and knows more than I do approves of me then maybe I am ok. I have always assumed that it was to let me and others know that he is in a place of glory. I hope it is more than that.

I am sure that even if you don't have the experience to see anyone who has passed on, just as Pres. Packer said that we can feel the presents of those who have passed on and I wonder if this is not the same thing. I have spoken to many who have felt the presents of Grandpa Reeder and others since they passed on and I believe that if they are with us, they are with us!