Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life is a Comedy!!!

Yes you heard it folks, life is a comedy!!! I feel like I am living in one of Shakespears plays at the moment and it is all a bit funny in a disturbing kinda way but I'm getting a kick out of it all the same just as you might from his play "Much Ado About Nothing".

Last night at 12 midnight I heard a big crash and thought that maybe the raccoon was out trying to kill our last chicken standing (out of the 20 we have purchased), but 20 min later my neightbor rang my door bell and we found out that his brother had almost driven off the ledge of the wall just above our house. The only thing that stopped him were the rocks and trees we had put in just a few years ago! Yes they saved a life, just as Paul thougth they might. It was a good thing but now we have all these stubbs of trees coming out of the ground and very large rocks that have been moved great distances and don't quite look right anymore. If it weren't so obiviouse that this was not what was intended by the landscape artist you might think that someone just had really bad taste. I really am facinated by the effort Satan is going to in meddling with our lives, our home and our family! It seems nothing is going to be left untouched.

It happened to be the Bishops son that was in the accident and he is alright, a bit shaken up but fine, and the car didn't seem to sustain much damage either! Just a bit of fender and bumper dents. It was kinda scary at the time because the back tires of the car were off the ledge and could have fallen into our front yard and through the front door at any time. Funny huh!!!

Remember how the saints had a period of great chaos and termoil as Joseph Smith spent 6 months in jail and the apostles were abroad as missionaries and the saints were driven from their homes and killed and hunted? Well, I take great comfort in knowing that they lived (well most of them did) through their trials and came out ahead and so will we. It was also a time of GREAT time of growth in the church when 7-8000 new converts were baptised in the space of one year! Satan didn't want this to happen so he tried his hardest to stop the progress of the saints by up-rooting them and bringing great chaos to their lives through their enemies. He will go to great lengths to stop us (all of us).

Although I know that I am not suffering to any degree as greatly as they did, I also find comfort that Satan finds me someone of consequence to try and push around. There must be something he does not want me to do or I do not think so much effort would be put into my little life when it would be so easy for things to be set right, if that were the plan.

The exciting part of the screen play is that the lyrics to Paul's song are finially done and he sent them to his friend that plays for Kenny Chesney. His name is Nick and he thinks they are great and is really excited to put them to music. They turned out even better than I though and Paul was quit pleased as well. Just you wait, he will have a top ten hit soon and that will also be interesting to see how that "plays-out" in this little "play" of ours.

Here's to the "Comedy of Life" and the fun it can be to watch it unfold! Oh, the great screen-writer God is!