Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Evening of Haircuts and Tears!

This is Paul in a "before" photo. He is handsome and kind, but a bit top heavy. His hair is starting to take over his personality and become one of those places you want to visit, but not for long.

This is Paul after the hair cut. Much sweeter, the hair has been put back into it's place, it has been clipped and humbled. We must do this at least every 4 weeks or his hair begins to take on a personality of it's own.

Next Seth. What can I say, he wont even let me take a picture of him without his screwy face pulling. I am just about done with this child, and his hair is often the debate of the day. He gets the curl from both his father and his mother. He is stuck with it. I'm never sure if I should cut off more or leave on more. The fight is about all I can stand to have him let me cut any at all. Seth never combs his hair and I really feel sorry for his future wife because the wedding photos will need to be done right after his hair is cut because he has no idea how to even use a comb!

Now here is the after photo, you will see that I had to threaten and chase him around the house to get it. The before photo, came with threats as well. Oh, to have a photo of my son that is not with him pulling a "funny" face.

Next, Ari. There were never more tears or complaining than what Ari can put out. It was all so miserable that we didn't get any photos. It was just better to let him go and get in the shower!

Now Aidan: He is just so scared that I am going to cut his ear off that all I get are tears and wiggling. I think he should not be quite so upset as I have only clipped his ear once and not too badly.

Before the haircut:

After the haircut: