Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Book

I have, like I said started writing the book on R&R and I would love for anyone who is willing to look at it, and read it as I go. I figure the more eyes the better. I want to be doctrinally correct and get my points across. I am not the best writer but I know that with others help I can do this.

I have two chapters and the forward done- well I say "done" lightly. I know there is a bit more to go into them, but I have kept them skinny so that I can put the information that may go into them later in a different chapter. I don't really want to blog it because I want to hold the rights of it a bit closer, but I would love to email it to anyone willing to read and give honest feed back. The only requirement is that you would really read it and really tell me what you think. I know those may be hard but I promise I will be completely open to all comments!