Sunday, September 13, 2009

Car Crashes and Our House...What's the deal?

This happened two weeks ago, but I forgot to publish it, you can have it now, and then there is another one coming on the moving in that we have just reciently done. It will go up tomorrow or the next day.

Ok, so I wrote about the last car crash that happened two weeks ago above our house and the car going off the edge of the road and almost crashing into our house. It was a bit weird and interesting, but what makes it even weirder is that it happened again tonight! The roads are not slippery, or wet, or anything, and yet tonight a boy driving (from the ward again) was coming around the corner and went off the side of the road into the ravine. This time he went much further off the road than the last kid. We heard the skid of the tires, then the crash and thought that maybe the house had been hit. It was that loud!!! We went outside and it was very dark, but Paul and Seth found the car, still running in the ravine next to our house.

If you have ever been to our house you know that it is not the ideal place to have a car accident. The road is VERY steep and the cliff that you would go off might kill you. When Paul and Seth got down to the car it was empty! That freaked us all out. We had already called the police and they had an ambulance coming, (the fire station is at the foot of the hill so we saw it leaving) but now we were even more worried. There was no one in the car!!! So maybe they had been thrown from the car.

Well it all turned out fine. The kid had jumped out of the car and run home. He and his parents had come up the hill and arrived just as the police got there. He seemed just fine and no worse for the ware. The house and property were fine, but still I have to wonder what the deal is with all these accidents on our property just as we are turning it over to the bank next week because of the foreclosure.

Nine years living here and no accidents, nine snowy, icy winters that people could have crashed into or around our house and they never have, and now as we leave, there are two very scary accidents where the boys driving the cars are fine, but they could have both easily died.... Why now, why here?

I think that sometimes things happen to help us see other things that are going on more clearly. There seems to be a reflection in the world and the same thing happens at many different levels over and over so that we can get the message more fully. I don't know, I just find it so interesting that these things seem to happen all at once, all in harmony. Is anything a coincidence?

Maybe it is just time for us to go and this is making the "break" easier. This house has been a very safe and happy home for us for a long time and now all of that is changing. It is time to move on and go somewhere else that is better for us. Safer!!! Either one of those cars could have easily come through the house and killed someone. It could have really been a mess, but it wasn't. It is only land, it is only property and nothing that is permanent. The mess could have been so big and had long lasting effects, but neither one of them did. They were minor bleeps in the radar. No big deal! I think it is the same with the loss of this house. It will be a minor bleep in the radar! No big deal!! Things that really seem like they can be a huge thing in the beginning when we are in the energy of the emotion, seem to turn out just fine and become minor when we have time to breath and see them in perspective. I know that a lot of people are going through foreclosure right now because I am told about and know or have met several of them reciently.

I really want them all to know that it is going to be OK! Everything is going to be OK! It is just like an accident that seems to be life threatening but it is not. It will have an effect on your car, but that can be fixed and we will come out the better for it. I know those boys that were driving will be better drivers because of these accidents, they will be more careful and smarter. I will too. I will have a blessing at the hands of the Lord for this trial, and so will anyone else that experiences it. The question isn't will there be a blessing for it, but when. The key isn't what will happen but how we will handle it. What we will choose to recieve from it, or "get from it".