Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Beginnings!!!

So, life in the Prier Family has been so HECKTIC as of late that I can hardly stand it!  We just moved from the condo on Bountiful Blvd to Layton.  We are in a house!!  Yes we bought a house.  Who would have thought that us, who went into forclosure almost exactly 2 years ago would be buying a house?  Not me.  But thanks to some really wonderful people and experiences we found the perfect house, for the perfect price and we jumped in!  It has been crazy and I will admit I have had more than one panic attack in the past few weeks.  The first one was when I had a plumber and the comcast guy in my house at one time and they were both doing repairs on MY HOUSE.  I know that seems like such a small thing, but to someone who thought she wouldn't own a home for at lease 5 more years it was a bit anxiety producing. 

Then just as things are starting to settle down at the house, we are not even out of boxes, my business partner decides she doesn't want to be in business with me anymore.  Me, yeah like I'm hard to be in business with.... Truely I am not a breeze, but I don't think I'm that bad.  Obiously she does.  I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal but I really never wanted to do this alone and now I am all alone in it with a bunch of physicial therapists that I am not too close to either.  They are nice women but not my friends by any stretch of the imagination.  It is interesting what rejection at this level does to a person and the body.  I have not felt this deep of emotion in a very long time.  I have spent more time on my knees and in tears than any other time I can remember.  It sucks.  Today has been the first day that it was only a light naseau all day instead of the full-on, bent over, vomiting feeling.  On the good side I have lost some weight.  Hope it doesn't come back. 

Running has been my reprive, the only time I can seem to clear my head and my stomach.  The adrenaline goes away when I run and so does the naseau for a moment.  Toninght I did another crazy thing trying to get my mine off the fact that I am going to be running a business by myself within the week and started tearing out walls in the basement of the house we bought. It had art gallery walls in the basement family room and they were awful.  So with all the adrenaline I had courseing through my veins we went down the took out our agression on those darn walls.  It was great!  I tried to post a photo but computer stunted me couldn't get it to work.  Sorry.  You only get the story. 

I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me with this business.  I know it wont be easy, because the reason I start businesses is so that I can share the creation of them with someone else.  The ups the downs, the excitement of the progress, all of it is better with a partner.  But as Paul says: "I can't wait to see the Miracle Heavenly Father has in store for us today" (cuz there has to be a miracle to pull this off).