Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Time!

It is here! Summer has begun and I know it because school is almost out for my children and even though the sun hasn't graced us with it's shine, I got some sun this last weekend.  First time in a while that the family (yes all of us) went on a vacation.  It was a simple vacation, but so sweet.  We spent 6 days in St. George in a friends little condo.  It didn't have air conditioning (a broken swamp cooler) and only had two bedrooms but it was one of the funnest vacations I remember having. 

My kids are growing up and I am so pleased with who they are becoming.  Yes they still have horrible times when they fight and bicker and I think I am going to pull my hair out.  But then they also have times when they are sweet to each other and serve each other with out any coxing or even me reminding them.  I stand back and watch them be kind beyond my wildest dreams, loyal through and through and have fun and be funny in ways that aren't condesending or sarcastic.  I love them for these times and I am willing to put up with the few times they are horrible to each other because they really seem to be learning and growing to be these amazing people that are light years beyond me.  I suppose that is the point isn't it.  To help your children do better than you did.  Not so much in the worldly things, because those things don't really matter too much I find.  But as Pres. Uchtdorf said "Remeber we are only travelers in this world.  Let us not devote our God-given talents and energies soley to setting earthly anchors, but rather let us spend our days growing spiritual wings. For as (children) of the most High God we were created to soar unto new horizions."

I love that quote!  He is so right.  Why do we worry about the anchors of this world when we can grow wings to fly?  My older kids are learning to fly!  The youngers are still anchored to the soil, but the olders are making great headway to the sky.  I love it!  This is the joy of motherhood!  Hopefully they will all find wings more intereating and have a desire to fly. 


TnD said...

I love this post Karen and the moments your realize how much you have. It will be great to see you all next month.

Laurie Meredith said...

I love this post. So many true statements. The questions was asked at a girls' overnighter "What do you most want out of life?" And I answered "To see my kids grow into adults that I respect and admire." That's what it's all about. Somehow it redeems us from our personal shortcomings if we can help our kids to be better than we were.
Love you!