Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Newest New Job.

Another big change and so there must be another blog. Also, I was given the assignment by Angela or MaRea(I think) to blog more this year as a new years resolution so I am going to do my best.

I have started a new job with the new year. I am working out of a wholistic health clinic in Centerville. I am leasing space and taking people through the R&R process to help them work through all their emotional baggage they have accumulated over the years of their lives. I know some of you are saying what is R&R and and so I will tell you. It stands for Repent and Replace and it is the process of letting go of old belief patterns and picking up new ones. It is very effective and very exciting to me. I have been very busy since I started and I believe it is making a big difference in peoples lives.

I have helped a 7 year old get rid of his Reactive Attachment disorder (a long term for what happens when a child is addopted, or is in the hospital or another trama happens when they are small and they never fully attach with their primary care giver-usually the mother). It was really cool when he danced around the office right after and said he was so happy and when his mom called and told me he was a different child the next day.

I have been able to help a couple men who have pornography addictions get rid of the desire to look at porn. Also, I have been able to help a young teenage boy start to work through his drug issues. Those are just a few of the people I have been seeing. There are more normal people but their issues are not so dramatic.

I am workng more than I thought I would in the first month, but I think that is good. I get to be home with my kids in the mornings and pick them up from school after their out. It could not be better if I wanted it to.

I have started writing a book on the R&R process and I have a friend who is helping me. She has been working in the wholistic medicine field for several years and knows a lot of differnt modalities. When I showed her R&R for the first time she was amazed and in awe of how sweet and powerful it is. She called me and told me I needed to get the book written right away and invited me to work out of her office.

I seriously prayed about it, because it is the only income we have at our house right now, but I got a resounding yes and it feels so good to know that now is the time for this to happen. It has been so fun to see people fall in love with the process and with the Savior as much as I have. The process couldn't happen without the Savior as it is based on the principle of repentance. My whole Patriarchal Blessing talks about a work that I will do, how to prepare for it and how to succeed at it. Now I auctually know what it is. It is all about bringing souls unto Christ and this is how I am to do it.

I know that not all of my family will be happy about this change as they have told me so, but I am ok with that. We all have to work through our own limitations and we all have those people in life that we get to push up against to make us stronger and more determined to do what we are sent to do. I figure they are my "success button pushers". They will make me look at the part of me I don't like because I see it in them, and then look at who I am and what I want and it pushes me to become my best. With out exception, everyone that has ever questioned me and made me look at what I really believe or want in life has been a blessing to me.

If I have to fight for something then I really appreciate it when I get it, I love it all the more and find it more rewarding than if I would have had it handed to me.

My family is doing really well. They are all have experiences with the R&R process as I bring it home to run them through it. They are my guinie pigs. They get to help mom do research to find the best to give to others. Paul is helping me edit the book as his talents are in writting and language. I have about 2 chapters written and the preface. I started it a few years ago, but it was not the right time. I didn't have all the information that I do now. It goes faster and heals more completely. I find it funny that my talents are not in the language arts. I am not the elequent one. Kim definately gets that title. She can make anything sound good and it is always carried by the spirit. I get the role of slow of speach and all the people hate me. But it is what it is. And it is good. I love that it is the Lord that is in charge and He will bring again Zion. I'm not worried, just excited.

So, there you have it. My life in a blog. Hope it's not too spiritual for you. And I can't help it if it is. It's just the facts:) Maybe next time I will find some photos to spice it all up with. That would be good!

Oh, and I think I am going brunette tomorrow! I am going to try really dark, if I have the courage!


TnD said...

There is nothing like helping others, no matter how you do it. Good luck with the new job!

Laurie M said...

As Oprah would say "You've found your calling". That is fabulous. It may be very difficult at first but will be worth it. I'd be interested in talking to you more about it.