Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New Me

Here it is, I did it... What do you think? I have never been brunette before but have always wanated to be. Now I auctually look like the rest of my family. Someone in the ward today told me that I now look like I belong to the kids. (or maybe they belong to me.)


TnD said...

You look beautiful!

Laurie M said...

You've never been a brunette? I always thought you were a brunette. You look great!

John & Tresa Martindale said...

I just read all of your blogs. WoW! You are in such a great place! I would love to read your manuscript. I just finished one for a friend of mine that wrote her entire book. So I would follow through promise! Is R&R your own creation of healing or is it a method thats been around? It sounds so interesting! I think it's awesome that you have had so many successes! Carry on with your work my friend, it's such a gift to heal.

John & Tresa Martindale said...

Oh and P.S. love the dark hair, It's really fab and all the new rage!!