Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Ready!

I love change! I want it and need it almost everyday to get through the day. I find that change is the one thing that I gravitate to the most. I constantly need to change my thoughts and emotions (feelings in motion), and use to think this had to be hard, but I am learning that it is not. I can do it in a second. Just change the thing I focus on it the situation. If I focus on what is wrong or what hurts then I am focused on pain and I will feel pain. If on the other hand I focus on what I will recieve from the situation (gratitude) then I will feel joy (I choose to see the greatest gift I could possibly recieve from what I am experiencing). If something is hard, I choose to focus on the great gift of experience and the power I will recieve from the situation and va' la it is mine. In an instant I begin to experience power and knowledge, I begin to see clearly what it is I can put to use and learn from my situation. I find it an opportunity to excersize faith or charity and now it is a blessing not a trial. I am learning that pain is always an opportunity to feel joy.

Heavenly Father pointed this out to Joseph Smith when He told him that all things were for his experience and even went on to say for his GOOD! He pretty much fore-told Jospeph everything that would happen to him and then added many things that I think happen to us and others so that nothing could be left out. How could all these terrible things for his good? Well it all starts in how we look at them. Do we really believe that God loves us and will only give us gifts, or do we believe that He will do things and allow things to happen to us that are "bad"? Because if we really know Heavenly Father we KNOW that it is ALL for our good and that it is all a gift! Yes it can be looked at as bad, but that is only the label we put on it. If we are going to go through it anyway, why not see the gift before we have recieved it? Why not get a jump on it and experience what we know will eventually be the outcome, the gift of it. That is my goal, to always see the gift, even before I begin to experience it. I choose to experience the gift and joy in the pain! It is how my pain is swallowed up in the joy of the Savior. It is my view on 'what is' that counts, nothing else!

I love joy and find ways to experience it even when others would not be able to find it. I find joy in all areas of my life!