Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy Easter! It's that beautiful time of year again and we have taken full advantage of it by using the holiday as an excuse to increase our food storage possibilites. You ask what I mean by this of course. Well we have just gotten back from the IFA store where we held all sorts of baby animals from baby rabbits, ducks and chicks to baby goats. It was so much fun! Then we took home six of our very own baby chicks. We got all the watering supplies, feed and wood chips.

It took me back to when I was a kid and we got chicks in the back coop. I remember loving going out and listening to the chirping of the little fuzz balls. Of course they didn't stay little for long and those chickens were purchased to eat. But the chickens in a different place in a diffeent time layed eggs and we had the best time going out and collecting those eggs. I remember sticking my hand under them and finding their treasures. It was so much fun to collect the eggs every day. I don't remember if I did this just for Grandma Thatcher of it we had the chickens after moving there. I do remember loving it!

The chicks take 3 months to get full grown and while we wait for this we will be building an ideal coop. This is what it is supposed to look like. Yes, I know it looks far beyond our abilities but I believe we can do it. It may not end up looking this good, but it will be perfect! I am so excited, now all we need is a couple baby goats!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and spend some time thinking about the amazing gift of the Savior and His Resurrection!


Lindsey Smith said...

I love that you have chicks. Just wanted to thank you for your comment. i needed to hear what you wrote. somtimes i do feel like i am doing nothing but it's true what i am doing is important, hard but good. love you sister! support is so nice to have right now!

TnD said...

Love this idea. What a great way to teach responsibility to the kids too.