Monday, July 21, 2008

New Day, New Life!

Ok, so that's just a teaser!

I haven't got too much to say except that it was sure fun to get together with the family this past holiday. My life has not changed too much as of late. I have absolutly nothing to tell. I know that I should have some deep and meaningful experience that I should want to share but I don't, or auctually of course I do, but I don't. Life is sweet. That is it. It is not something that I am able at this point in my life to share willy nilly with anyone on the street, except those people that come in from off the street and buy cars from me. (ha, ha!) They get more of my life than most anyone else in my life right now and that is just the way it is, not good not bad, just is.

Of course if you want to spend some serious time reading you need to go to Andies blog spot. It has all the deep and meaningful stuff that mine is missing.

Good to be with you all and hope we do it again soon!

Love Karen


Melissa & Brent Thatcher said...

yeah a post! No post is ever a bad post. It was good to see your family too - and I'm happy to hear of Andy's blog!

Andie Bonze said...

Well im glad you finally put it to good use, I will try and keep you on getting regular posts out there. Love you mom:)

TnD said...

Yeah! Glad to see you back. I hope that you get the blog bug now. It is actually really fun. I will check out Andie's blog too.

Angie said...

YEAH I was so excited to see something new on your have to understand there are some out there religiously checking to see when something new pops up on your blog and lucky us. It is so good to hear from ya, keep giving us more!

Tibbitts Paperbag said...

LOVE IT!!!! I'm dying to hear more.
I'm sure Adies blog is the bomb! Will visit.
You simple must take the presure off of the notion of perfect bloging......funny if you read my bog. Tons of effort... small fruits.

sidandlindaadventures said...

Yeah - You did it. Everything is good! Just to hear from you is wonderful. Is the END going to happen in August as hoped? Sure hope so.

Lindsey Smith said...

YAAAA! i am so happy that you did it. I loved having you around for just a little minuet, but once you get that tast in your mouth you have to know that I want more. I must see you more often. Love ya Karen.

John & Tresa Martindale said...

Nice to hear from you!! Been a long time. Hope all is well with your family. Andie's blog is amazing. Your hard work and love of reading is reflective in her amazing writing skills.