Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Ragnar Finished!!!

Well like I told you I would, I did.  I ran the Ragnar this last weekend and boy was it fun, crazy, hard, invigorating, long, interesting, and any other adjective you want to throw in there!  I was impressed how wonderful everyone was along the way.  It seemed that people just couldn't wait to be kind to everyone around them.  I suppose this shouldn't be a suprise as running releases endorphins and therefore everyone there was on a drug overdose, but still it was impressive. 

We had a great team and everyone ran their best.  I enjoyed my night run the most.  I have found that I love running in the dead of night or at dusk.  It seems to be so peacefull and a time that I can tune out all the world and just "be".  It was so much fun running with the theme of "Run Your Butts Off" and having the fake butts to flaunt to the world.  I never felt so physicially liberated in my life.  There I was with my "tush" for the whole world to see.  Of course it wasn't my real tush and I would have liked that one much more than my own, but still it was liberating. 

The point is that I did it and it was wonderful!


Laurie Meredith said...

Way to go Karen! I'm so impressed. I've heard those relays are a blast.

sidandlindaadventures said...

I'm proud of you! What an awesome accomplishment. keep on keep'n on.

TnD said...

So great. I really admire you!

ljtalley said...

Woohoo!!! Karen great job yon are amazing!!! You always asked how I could love running so just have to do it until you understand it, there are no words to help you understand. Just a lot of running. It helps to keep a mama sain.:). I love that you got it!!!!:)