Monday, October 5, 2009

All Moved In!!

Well, we're all moved in and mostly out of boxes! It feels so good to be able to find things in cupboards and drawers again. We are loving our new place, I'm excited to be moving on. I have to say that I am loving the small spaces again. I forgot how nice it is to rush through your whole house and have it cleaned in a half hour. Or how easy it is to stay organized when the place to put something is only a few feet away. These things are simple and beautiful things that I had forgotten in my huge house on the hill.

True the view is not as nice and the noise seems much closer and louder, but the over-all result is great! I love our new home and our new lifestyle. A house really does engender a lifestyle. If it takes more time to clean it than to do all the other important things on your list of things to do for the day then maybe it's not worth it.

I must admitt though that it did help teach my kids how to work! I always said "if you don't have a farm, a big house will do!" And it was true they all have a great work ethic because of that big house and that was a wonderful blessing. I think they have decided they have died and gone to heaven because the chores are so easy now and mom does most of them, but I figure that will change when the novelty wears off. We will just have to find places to go and people to serve that are out of the house now, and that seems like a worthy quest for all the time they now have on their hands. I hope they are prepared, but something tells me they aren't. Oh well, nothing like a suprise to shake things up!