Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things My Kids Have Taught Me.

I have decided I am not such a horrible mother after all. This is because of the wonderful lessons my children have taught me. I have fought them, but the lessons are finially "taking".

I have been spending hours a day with Sydney on her homework for weeks but I've finially made enough progress with her that it is only taking minutes a day! This is due in large part to R&R and the lessons she has taught me. We feel very accomplished and have decided to celebrate by acknowledging our success! I have never believed I was a good mom, but now I do! Next week will cure me of that I'm sure:)

Andie has taught me:
1. That I can be off course most of the time and still arrive at my destination in the end.
2. It is possible to have your daughter be one of your best friends AND turn out well.
3. Children are very forgiving.
4. How to take responsibility for my mistakes and appoligize and that this always works the best.

Seth has taught me:
1. How to laugh at myself and have fun.
2. To think before I speak.
3. To hold my tounge at all times even when I want to blow up.
4. To never say something I don't really mean!

Ari has taught me:
1. To hug more and stop to enjoy the hug at the moment.
2. It hurts to be yelled at.
3. To pay attention when someone is speaking or I will get lost.
4. One more hug is always good.

Hannah has taught me:
1. To always to follow through and never lie (by not doing what I say I will do)
2. A smile and encouraging words go a long way!
3. I am stronger and more consistant than I thought.
4. I can do hard things!

Aidan has taught me:
1. How wonderful it is to just recieve love from someone.
2. Some kids are just easier, but later they will be harder.
3. Never play favorites, or even let them think you are playing favorites.
4. If they are too easy watch out!

Sydney has taught me:
1. Negative reinforcement without possitive does NOT works!
2. Guilt never works!
3. I will be heard if I say it with a smile.
4. If it's not working try something different.
5. That R&R works with children and how important the "works" are for everyone.

All of my children have consistantly tried to teach me all of these things but I have not always been willing or able to learn when they were teaching. It is interesting that I have always thought that I was trying to teach my children but in reality they have been trying to teach me. I wish that I had learned my lessons earlier but better late than never!


Andie Bonze said...

I think this is one of your best posts mom:) ANd thats not just because I am in it lol!

Amy said...

I relate so much to what you are saying here. I sometimes think I was too young when I had my children and so I've totally messed it up. But you're right, our children teach us to be the best parent we can be. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Laurie M said...

Love this post. It's great to stop amid all the craziness and discover how much you learn from your children. Will you be my mentor? :)

Hess said...

What cute little kids, its crazy how each one is so different and wonderful.

PS about people leaving comments on the blog, you need to take the word verification off. I hate doing that part, ok everyone hates typing in letters, even people with 20/20 you can't read them.

Miriam Lee said...

So fun to see what your family looks like these days!! LOVE the music--I'm stealing it for my playlist. Your children are beautiful!! Life is quite a ride--and I have no idea how long it will take for the lessons my kids teach me to sink in. I am a stubborn soul!!!