Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seth and His Girls

Seth has decided that he needs to announce to the world on facebook that he has many girls that he likes and that have liked him over the years. This is interesting as it comes at a time when we are watching and waiting for his facial hair to come in. He has what we affectionatly call a mexi-stash. It is his almost mustach. If he would stop growing we would all have a bit more food in the house and a bit more quiet on the western front.

I do have to remember that he is one of my best friends and is so much fun to have around! He is funny and clever and interesting. He helps his dad without a complaint or a word of harrasment. I wonder if all 14 year olds are this wonderful!


Susan said...

Well, my 13 year old does not eat and I don't know of any girls this year who like him. He is kind of a solo guy. He is so handsome but he worries me that he doesn't care about a social life. He is kind to me and his baby sister and all adults, but doesn't care about very much or have a passion, I hope this changes.